Big Law Brain Drain:
The New York Post reports that a "Brain Drain" is hitting major law firms:
  The city's largest, most prestigious law firms are suffering from serious brain drain.
  Young, Gen-X lawyers in their third to fifth year in the business are walking away from their $200,000-a-year positions in record numbers - at times without another job in view.
  The reason? They are unhappy with their Blackberry lifestyle - being tethered to the job 24/7 and having to rush back to the office at a moment's notice when e-mail orders pop up on the ubiquitous PDA.
  The exodus of law firm associates is unprecedented, according to the National Association of Law Placement, or NALP, which found that 37 percent of associates leave large firms within the first three years.
Maybe they all can become federal judges.

  Hat tip: Above The Law.