Has Law Blogging Peaked?:
Peter Spiro, Marty Lederman, Dave Hoffman and others are wondering about this question over at Opinio Juris. I think I'll stick with the prediction I made in October 2005:
It's hard to predict these things, of course, but I would suggest a fourth future [for law blogging]: A continued increase in the overall amount of law blogging until we reach a natural equilibirum, and then a roughly constant amount of blogging with frequent turnover among active law bloggers. Here's my thinking. Right now law blogs are pretty new, and the number of law bloggers is increasing. But it's much easier to start a blog than to keep it up. A typical post might take an hour or so to research, write, and edit. And the better and more thoughtful the post, the more time it takes. Only so many people are willing to put in those hours on a regular basis, and members of that twisted elite group presumably will change over time, too.
Cornellian (mail):
Hey, why did you strike out "twisted group" and replace it with "elite group?" The two are not mutually exclusive!
1.1.2007 6:37pm
Peter B. Nordberg (mail) (www):
Twisted. Definitely twisted.
1.1.2007 6:44pm
Wintermute (mail) (www):
I have been on hiatus since not long after general election day. Veni, vidi, vici; then...if there is a God, s/he sent me a reward, the next woman in my life.

So for now, I get only search engine traffic; but it lands on quality, as it does with Eugene and Orin.

Give me a little time to make up for the loving I have missed, and I will be back.

Meanwhile, let this new Congress do better. Orin, I will hook you up with the new Rep. from Memphis. You will have fun. Be good for each other, as I know you can. Pelosi gave him Judiciary, btw. ;-)
1.1.2007 8:36pm
Justin (mail):
Wintermute, having read through your ambiguously racist blog, I highly encourage you to continue your hiatus.
1.1.2007 9:18pm
Brian G (mail) (www):
Law blogging will stop when people get tired of having their say, which is to say that it is here to stay.
1.2.2007 12:51am
JunkYardLawDog (mail):
Justin, unless you have something specific to point out, which I seriously doubt, in looking at the first page of his blog I see absolutely nothing that is even borderline ambiguously racist. I suspect you think anyone who opposes affirmative action and quotas is racist, that anyone who is a conservative is racist, and that anyone who doesn't think like you do is a racist.

Tell me do you agree its impossible for a black person in the USA to be racist because you buy into the phony power element to racism?

People who toss around charges of racism so easily cheapen the effect of such comments and thereby devalue the importance of whether there is real racism at issue or not. Its the boy who cried wolf syndrome.

Says the "Dog"
1.2.2007 4:51am
Bill Altreuter (mail) (www):
Peaked two years ago, I'd say. There is still good work being done, but I don't think it too likely that we'll be seeing the sort of quality in new sites that we once did-- and we are seeing, I think, some falloff in posting from a number of once dependable sites.

I'd also suggest that when Denise Howell (the coiner of the term "blawg") parted ways with Reed Smith we learned the limits of this form.
1.2.2007 11:25am