Melo Won't Appeal Suspension:

Carmelo Anthony has decided not to appeal his 15 game suspension for his role in the Nuggets-Knicks melee last weekend. According to his attorney, Anthony believes the appeal would be a "distraction."

"It's Melo's wish to just keep the focus on basketball," [attorney Bill] Duffy told "In his words, he's just going to take [the suspension] and keep the focus on keeping himself ready."
Under NBA rules, if a player appeals a suspension longer than 12 games, the appeal is heard by an independent arbitrator. Anthony's teammate J.R. Smith is appealing his ten-game suspension, but because it is less than 12 games, NBA commissioner David Stern will hear the appeal.

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John Jenkins (mail):
I believe it's the CBA and not the NBA rules that has the 12-game rule.
12.21.2006 8:29pm
So what is this? More of the thugs-who-call-themselves-basketball playing athaletes behaving?
12.21.2006 11:28pm
Jiminy (mail):
It's part of the game culture that rewards individual achievement more than teamwork.
12.22.2006 11:55am