Best Law Blog (2006):

I'm delighted to report that my cobloggers and I have been awarded the Best Law Blog award by the voters for the 2006 Weblog Awards. Unscientific, but, hey, science is vastly overrated. How Appealing, which I read every day, was #2; but I would say that they are the #1 Law News Source, whether online or not.

UPDATE: My favorite comment, from glangston: "This honor and the fact that you were named Person of the Year by Time Magazine .......!!!!'s almost too much."

Let's just hope we don't go the way of last year's winning blog. Of course, I also hope that next year we are not all first-year associates at large law firms.
12.20.2006 3:05pm
tefta2 (mail):
Eugene, When you're being sworn in as Justice Volokh, you'll look back on this great honor and recognize it as the one great victory that made all the rest possible.
12.20.2006 3:22pm
glangston (mail):
This honor and the fact that you were named Person of the Year by Time Magazine .......!!!!'s almost too much. You're a good buy in my book so add that to your laurels.
12.20.2006 4:09pm
Ed. (mail) (www):
Congratulations to The Volokh Conspiracy on being voted the Best Law Blog in the 2006 Weblog Awards.

Your kudos for How Appealing as the #1 Law News Source accords with the Blawg Review Awards 2005, which announced awards for The Volokh Conspiracy and How Appealing last year, as follows:

The award for Breaking Law News is given to Howard J. Bashman for How Appealing.

The Volokh Conspiracy takes Best Group Blog by Law Professors.
This year's Blawg Review Awards 2006 will be announced on Monday, December 25, 2006 at
12.20.2006 4:50pm
Federal Dog:
Not to mention that "EV as second Santa Claus" stuff! Huzzah!
12.20.2006 5:39pm
Congratulations to all of us! The award includes and is due to the quality of the commenters too, no?
12.20.2006 7:07pm
Respondent (mail):
Looks like Jeff J,commenting on the previous thread, beat you by 12 minutes. May I assume that you didn't notice his comment, for you surely would have given "a reader" credit otherwise?
12.21.2006 12:43am
Respondent (mail):
And of course congrats on the award- there is no other legal blog that remotely compares to your's- and this blog is well respected that I see it has substantial international following. I am very curious on what brought all you conspirators together. Any link to an explanation available?
12.21.2006 12:45am
Eugene Volokh (www):
Respondent: I had been planning to blog about this, but Jeff J's comment prodded me to do so. I tend to give credit when one person (a commenter or an e-mailer) calls something to my attention, but not when several people do it, or when a person reminds me of a story that I'd already heard about.

As to what brought all the conspirators together, that would be me. It started out as Sasha and me, and then I pulled in various people -- mostly ones I knew personally -- who I thought had some interesting stuff to say. Delighted that you've enjoyed the result!
12.21.2006 1:39am
Aeon J. Skoble (mail):
Congrats to you all! Well deserved.
12.21.2006 8:36am
I second that completely. My earlier comment was meant tongue-in-cheek, but rereading it ... it doesn't come through very well in a blog.
12.21.2006 9:58am
BobH (mail):
Concgratulations. You guys are ... yannow, READABLE. And that's a damn good thing.
12.21.2006 10:38am