Sex (or SexLaw) Sells -- Surprise!

Our unique visitor count Monday was 35697, and Tuesday was 38423 -- both near our historic highs. (The norm for a typical weekday is in the low 20000s.) My sense is that most of the extra visits were to the initial Ten Years in Prison for 17-Year-Old Who Had Consensual Oral Sex with 15-Year-Old post.

No, we won't be upping our blogging on SexLaw as a result. (We'd blog about it independently of visitor interest.) But it's interesting, though of course completely unsurprising, that this is indeed what many people want to read.

Steve P. (mail):
Is this a statistically significant difference from a year ago? There may be other contributing factors (end of the semester, general corporate malaise as people wait for their bonuses, etc). I'd guess your sense is generally right, especially considering that the article already has 163 comments. Of course, comments are a very unscientific way to determine readership, since threads can often take on a life of their own (see Prof. Somin's post about atheism).
12.20.2006 2:27pm
Jeff J (www):
FYI, Its not the SexLaw its the fact that your blog won the "Best Legal Blog" award for the 2006 Weblog Awards.

12.20.2006 2:35pm
Jeff J (www):
Ah. Forgot to mention that the awards came out this past Monday. 12/18/06.
12.20.2006 2:37pm
Roach (mail) (www):
I was just thinking that thre really are some important issues of justice involved in that case. I mean, what admirable behavior: drunk minors, king-of-the-campus athlete/sex-fiends, and a girl who arguably was raped. This guy isn't a saint, and it's hardly a compelling social interest to say that HS senior athletes must be treated as victims when they seduce little freshman white trophy girls into giving them BJs after they get them drunk.

This girl's parents undoubtedly freaked out, and so would 99% of white parents in this country under these circumstances. Sorry, but that's reality.
12.20.2006 3:05pm
Realist Liberal:
Roach, if you're going to comment, at least make sure you know the facts. The girl was black as well as the 17 year old girl and the 17 year old boy.
12.20.2006 3:35pm
Roach (mail) (www):

Well, then that really gets all this "race played a part" stuff out of the discussion. This was just bad behavior, and her parents were still probably pissed off. It had nothing to do with Southern Justice or whatever we've been told (including me, apparently).

Instead of the Nicole Simpson fears, they had the Tina/Ike worries. Instead of an innocent trophy white girl we had a trophy freshman black girl. Doesn't matter, my point stands: the parents undoubtedly played a huge role in this prosecution.
12.20.2006 3:42pm
Tom952 (mail):
Professor, I think this suggests a business opportunity.
12.20.2006 3:55pm
John M. Perkins (mail):
Sex or Steroids?

There's a steroids interview that might drum up a sizeable audience:
12.20.2006 4:06pm
UMich Supporter (mail):
Of course, perhaps just as likely, there were 18,000 or so people who Googled "oral sex" and the Conspiracy was one of the first few websites listed. [Cough]
12.20.2006 4:43pm
AK (mail):

That's all there is to it. Stop digging and get back to work.
12.21.2006 10:27am
A prurient interest in the law is better than no interest at all?
12.21.2006 11:07am
Eugene Volokh (www):
AK: InstaPundit deserves much of the credit, but we often get links from there, without such a huge increase in total traffic.

I suspect these particular links were especially appealing to some InstaPundit readers, because of the subject matter (and, as they say, "a prurient interest in the law is better than no interest at all"). But on top of that we got a bunch of links from other sources -- such as -- that we don't normally get.
12.21.2006 12:16pm