Blunt Object Control -- The Next Frontier:

Medical News Today (seemingly a U.K. site) reports:

The prevention of attacks involving kicking or blunt objects is just as important as preventing knife violence, new research from Cardiff University shows.

A team from the University's Violence Research Group found that injuries inflicted with feet were more likely to result in severe injury than any other method of assault....

Professor Jonathan Shepherd, who led the research, said the surprisingly severe injuries from kicking and blunt objects should make them just as high priorities as knives in violence reduction strategies.

Professor Shepherd said: "This might be achieved through public awareness campaigns and tackling alcohol misuse to reduce the chances of people falling over, since victims of violence are usually kicked after they have fallen.

"We also need to take action to reduce the availability of blunt objects coming to hand in licensed premises and city centre streets."

Thanks to Will Brink for the pointer.

UPDATE: Of course, this is the country that gave us the Millwall brick, an improvised blunt weapon made out of rolled-up newspaper, I take it that they need to take action to reduce the availability of newspapers, too. Oh, and "The newspaper sheets can first be wetted with a liquid such as beer or urine to add weight." Charming.