On the Other Hand, 10 Years Is Much Too Short a Sentence for This:

From United States v. Kane, decided yesterday by the Eighth Circuit (thanks to How Appealing for the pointer). Ruth Kane let Joe Champion sexually abuse Kane's daughter 200 times over two years, starting when the daughter was nine, and even "physically participated and restrained her daughter" during some of the acts. "Kane's daughter and Champion testified Kane received payments of $20 from Champion as compensation for providing her daughter for Champion’s sexual gratification."

Kane had been sentenced to 17.5 years under the federal Sentencing Guidelines; but after the Supreme Court's decision that the Guidelines couldn't be constitutionally applied, tje trial court resentenced her to 10 years. The Eighth Circuit reversed, holding that "Kane’s 120-month sentence quite simply is not proportional to the circumstances of the crimes and the persons involved."