Happy Festivus!

Although December 23 appears to be the generally accepted date for Festivus, many readers will be traveling and otherwise occupied next weekend, so I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all readers Happy Festivus (the link is to the relevant clips from the Seinfeld episode where the holiday was introduced to the world). May you all have a healthy airing of grievances.

For those who have not yet ordered your aluminum Festivus pole, information is available here on where you can get one.

Also, Wikipedia has an excellent entry on Festivus and the story behind the Seinfeld episode. Wikipedia sets the unofficial date for Festivus as December 23.

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Andrew Hyman (mail) (www):

Yes, Happy Festivus to everyone.

I do have one very minor grievance to air. I was in a previous Volokh thread, having a discussion with "Hans Gruber", and the thread shut down. So, I didn't get a chance to explain that he had misunderstood my position.

So, the following is for "Hans" and everyone else can ignore it:

Hans, I agree with you that a court may have been entitled to strike down federal action that ventured into the Bill of Rights areas, even if the Bill of Rights hadn't been included in the Constitution, but NOT WITHIN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. The reason is that the express powers of Congress are much greater in the federal district. Congress does not have to rely upon the Necessary and Proper Clause when enacting local regulations for the federal district.

I never said that a court should not recognize unenumerated "rights" as such. I agree that a federal court could perhaps have struck down a law, for example, which sought to shut down a newspaper critical of the federal government, on the grounds that the federal government lacked the constitutional authority to do so, unless the newspaper was WITHIN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.

I hope that clarifies.
12.17.2006 12:36pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
It's during this period I assume the persona of Glenn Boweninski, "The Aluminum Pole".

-and a happy Kwanzaa.
12.17.2006 1:11pm
Zywicki (mail):
Maybe that's a new idea--each year we should have an "Open Festivus Thread" to allow anyone to air any grievances that they have!
12.17.2006 1:14pm
Which VC blogger have you selected to perform the Feats of Strength? Remember, Festivus isn't over until you've been wrestled to the floor and pinned.
12.17.2006 2:24pm
WHOI Jacket:
What about the glad tidings of Kwanza-bot?
12.17.2006 2:39pm
laughing to the floor:

Might I suggest they take the profs and pair them up by schools. While the NCAA may continuously scoff at the idea of an end of the year tournament, and instead, opt for the tired BCS system, there is no reason not to put a tourney in place here.

Although professorial feats of strength might be an oxymoron, it would end the year with a good laugh.
12.17.2006 2:44pm
laughing to the floor--

We have an annual professorial sporting competition during the Dean's Cup halftime show every year. The Dean's Cup is an annual basketball game for charity between NYU Law and Columbia Law, and the halftime is a 10 minute game between professors from the two schools. Last year was particularly impressive, as CLS profs won 2-0 after 10 minutes of play.

And yes, it was hilarious.
12.17.2006 3:11pm
JosephSlater (mail):
So ... who scored the winning and apparently only basket?
12.17.2006 3:30pm
AAE (mail):
I'd like to air a grievance. I'm annoyed that Ben &Jerry's hasn't brought back Festivus ice cream. This time of year is filled with all sorts of annoying traditions: carol singing, Christmas pageants, showing "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!", etc. A good tradition, like Festivus ice cream, shouldn't be allowed to just fade away.
12.17.2006 4:09pm

CLS profs won 2-0 after 10 minutes of play.

Another Festivus miracle!
12.17.2006 4:15pm
lucia (mail) (www):
Is footage of the game available on YouTube?
12.18.2006 1:14pm
PGofHSM (mail) (www):
Despite being nominally about Christmas, this song and video encapsulate the spirit of Festivus.
12.19.2006 1:39am
Bill Jones (mail) (www):
Festivus is for the rest of us. Celebrate Festivus by hosting a Festivus Party.

Happy Festivus
12.19.2006 2:46am
Crusty (mail):
May the Flying Spaghetti Monster shine His Noodly Goodness on your winter solstice.
12.23.2006 9:28pm