Reading the Tea Leaves:
People who try to predict what the Supreme Court will do often say that they are "reading the tea leaves." But what does it mean to read tea leaves? Fortunately, a website hosted by the tea industry has the answer.
Plus it's a lot cleaner than reading entrails.
12.13.2006 12:28pm
E. Conan McClelland:
That reminds of this post on instapundit:

Instapundit quotes someone talking about Frist's decision not to run for Pres:

"Frist is smart. He read the tea leaves and saw that the presidency wasn't in the cards."

Which I thought was a delightfully mixed metaphor.
12.13.2006 12:32pm
Daniel Chapman (mail):
"If we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards... checkmate!"

- Zapp Branigan
12.13.2006 12:41pm
Kent G. Budge (mail):
Plus it's a lot cleaner than reading entrails.

Yah, but it's a gutless form of prognostication.
12.13.2006 1:24pm
S o t W (mail):
Anyone familiar with Harry Potter already knew this. Which is to say 90% of the literate population.
12.13.2006 1:28pm
Thanks for the tip, SOTW. My sense, though, is that the Supreme Court geek crowd is disproportionately in the 10%.
12.13.2006 1:34pm
S o t W (mail):
Probably correct. And their loss.
12.13.2006 1:49pm
David Chesler (mail) (www):
Do not use a teacup as a paperweight -- it will leave a stain.
(Corollary: Do not use important papers as a coaster.)
12.13.2006 3:36pm
Proud to be in the other 90%!

I was wondering why this was news at all ... I was sure many more people have read HP than read tea industry press releases ... but I suppose that, for niche audiences, I may be wrong. :-D
12.13.2006 6:05pm
Kent G. Budge (mail):
I'm in that 10%, too. And I'm not even a lawyer.
12.13.2006 6:49pm
Truth Seeker:
The tea industry web site says:

Now the "seer" receives the cup from the "sitter" and proceeds to tell "his" or "her" fortune, unless of course one is to tell one's own fortune.

Why the quotes around "his" or "her"? Do sitters usually have ambiguous genders?
12.14.2006 12:38am
Geof Abruzzi:
Anyone notice that only one of those symbols listed are for bad things to hapen? (Owl=sickness)
12.14.2006 11:55am
speedwell (mail):
There happen to be hundreds of symbols and there's a good balance between good and bad readings.

In a case of uproarious applied mixed metaphor, I actually own a set of "tea leaf reading oracle cards." They're cute... and they were on sale. :)
12.14.2006 12:41pm