Pro-Life Speech Excluded from General Funding Program at Carleton University (Ontario):

The proposal I discussed here was enacted last night, by a vote of 26 to 6:

The motion affirms a woman's right to choose her options in the case of pregnancy, and would prohibit any group or person seeking to "limit or remove a woman's right to choose" from using CUSA [Carleton University Students Association] resources and space or from receiving recognition and funding.

The motion, as it was originally tabled at a Nov. 21 council meeting, aimed at restricting groups with an "anti-choice" mandate on the basis of discrimination against women.

CUSA defined anti-choice as actively campaigning for the re-criminalization of abortion.

The motion was amended during a meeting of the CUSA constitutional policy board early Dec. 4, but was amended again during the Dec. 5 council meeting to remove the words "anti-choice." ...

During the meeting, the CUSA executives were repeatedly questioned about their right to make a decision of this nature. They responded by saying they are a political organization, and as such, are allowed to take a stand on political issues....

Surely the CUSA is allowed to take a stand on political issues. The question is whether they are allowed to deny student groups that take other stands equal access to space, resources, and funding. CUSA isn't just a student group like some hypothetical Carleton Conservatives or the Carleton Pro-Choice Organization. All students are automatically enrolled in CUSA. It spends fees collected from students (though apparently there is an opt-out option), and administering access to university property that is supposed to be available to all students. Its Clubs & Societies Web page tells us a little about how it operates:

Clubs are a great way to get involved with your Carleton University Student Association. There are over 150 clubs and societies on campus with something for everyone. Check out the clubs listing to see what club and/or society is for you. Can't find one? Then create your own, it only takes you and 9 others to create a club.

The details are easy, simply visit the clubs office on the 3rd floor of University centre or download the Clubs Application package online. Once certified, you will have the opportunity to apply for a maximum of 1000 dollars in funding.

This year the Clubs and Societies budget has been increased by 10 000 dollars to allow more clubs the opportunity to further enrich our community. So whether your club would like to raise funds for AIDS research, unite those who enjoy playing chess, or organize cultural events there is an opportunity for everyone.

Better add a clause at the end: "there is an opportunity for everyone, unless you want to campaign to change the law in a way that we dislike."

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