Thanks for the Boogie Ride:
The jazz singer Anita O'Day has died at the age of 87. You can watch her with the Gene Krupa Orchestra (featuring the great trumpeter Roy Eldridge) in October 1941 right here via YouTube. It's a dubbed visual, but the music is terrific.

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Anita O'Day is one of my favorite female jazz singers. The video is really fun, thanks for the link. She was another in a long line of great singers from Chicago, both jazz and otherwise, folks like Sam Cook, Nat Cole, Dinah Washington, etc,. May she rest in peace.
11.24.2006 11:22am
Grover Gardner (mail):
She deserves some peace after the life she lived. But she sure was one real gone chick, as they used to say.
11.24.2006 2:54pm
BlackX (mail):
Couple of clips from 1958 Newport Jazz Festival (note disparate volumes):
11.25.2006 12:11am