Who is Buried in Justice Johnson's Tomb?:
Not Johnson, it seems. Perusing the strangely interesting Google Maps site on where deceased Justices of the Supreme Court are buried, I came across this entry for Justice William Johnson, an Associate Justice from 1804 to 1834:
Justice Johnson's interment whereabouts are unknown. Although there is a memorial dedicated to him in St. Philip's Church in Charleston, S.C., there are no records indicating that his remains are actually there. After his death in 1834, his remains were supposed to be transported from New York to South Carolina, but they never arrived.
Maybe somebody should have filed a habeas corpus petition.

  Thanks to How Appealing for the link.
Ubertrout (mail) (www):
Amusing. Looking at the map, you can't help but notice that all but 2 of the justices are buried east of the Missisippi, and none west of Dallas.
11.21.2006 2:37pm
Dell Adams (mail):
That map only shows the justices from A to L. Change the URL in the bar to (instead of o1.kml) and you'll see a few in the West, mostly in Colorado, on the M-Z map.
11.21.2006 3:14pm
So this is what law professors do in that time between writing a law school exam and grading the exams.
11.21.2006 3:38pm
Michael Dimino (mail) (www):
According to David N. Atkinson, in Leaving the Bench (pp. 193-94), Johnson is in fact buried at St. Philip's Church.

At one time it was thought that Johnson's body had disappeared after his funeral in New York City while temporarily stored in a church awaiting shipment back to Charleston, South Carolina. However, cemetery records at St. Philip's church in Charleston indicate the justice was eventually buried there as he had planned, and his burial plot is clearly recorded. His monument, now weathered and with the words barely legible, is in the center of the West Cemetery along the south wall.
11.21.2006 4:34pm
arbitraryaardvark (mail) (www):
11.21.2006 9:04pm
arbitraryaardvark (mail) (www):
sorry, commented in wrong window - that's the link to Tom Swift and his Electric Rifle. Is it Grant who's not buried in Grant's tomb?
11.21.2006 9:06pm
Realist Liberal:
Maybe it's just because I'm studying for finals and my brain is fried but I find it mildly amusing that Justice Peckham is buried in New York and the only opinion that he's actually known for is Lochner v. New York. I also find it a bit strange that Justice Brandeis is buried at a law school
11.21.2006 10:08pm

Who is Buried in Justice Johnson's Tomb?

11.22.2006 12:16am
Gary McGath (www):
In the old cemetery in Quincy, Mass., there is a tomb with the name "J. Q. Adams" engraved, over which someone has scrawled the word "phony." Probably a J. Q. Adams is buried there, but not President John Quincy Adams.
11.22.2006 8:57am
Justin Northrup:
Of course, to nitpick, no one is buried in Justice Johnson's Tomb just like no one is buried in Grant's Tomb. The tomb in above ground so no one is buried.
11.22.2006 2:27pm