Medical Self-Defense Lunch Talk in D.C. on Friday, December 8:

The American Enterprise Institute is kindly putting on a lunch-time talk titled "Is There a Constitutional Right to Medical Self-Defense?," from 12:15 pm to 2 pm on Friday, December 8. The panelists will be Chicago Prof. Richard Epstein, GW Prof. Jeff Rosen (who's also the legal affairs editor for The New Republic), and me; Ted Frank of AEI will moderate, and Sally Satel of AEI will introduce us.

Free lunch (at 11:45 am) will be included, if you define "free" as meaning "you're obligated to provide only your time, not your money." To register, go here.

Dick King:
Will those of us who don't live anywhere near our nation's capitol be able to hear the talk over the internet or radio?

I'm posting a comment instead of asking you by email because I imagine that this will be a FAQ.

11.20.2006 9:03pm
Alan Gura:
Why not make this a CLE?
11.20.2006 9:26pm
Ted Frank (www):
There will be a webcast of the event linkable from the registration page.

Alan, we will be applying for CLE status, but are not allowed to advertise CLE availability until it is approved, which will likely not be until after the event.
11.21.2006 6:22am