CNN Top Stories:
I couldn't help but giggle at this list of the "top stories" at the top of right now:
# CNNMoney: Dow closes on a high | Video Video
# CNN Exclusive: U.S. troops in snipers' line of fire Video
# 360° Blog: Why we aired sniper video; your reaction
# Priest admits fondling Foley | Video Video
# CNNMoney: Ex-NYSE chief ordered to repay millions
# McCartney vows vigorous divorce fight
# Stingray on boat stabs man in heart | Video Video
# Microsoft releases new Internet Explorer
# Funeral held for Anna Nicole Smith's son
# CNNU: Students learning to juggle school, politics
# Carmen Electra shows troupe how to lap dance Video
Congrats to CNN for managing to include Carmen Electra, Anna Nicole Smith, a celebrity divorce, fondling, violent videos, and animal attacks all on the same list. (Those CNNMoney stories sure seem kinda serious, though; are they really needed?)