Republican Futures on the IEM:

A reader points me to the latest on the Iowa Electronic Market which shows things going downhill fast for Republicans in this fall's election. Chart on the expected probability that Republicans lose the House, for instance, is here.

fishbane (mail):
Is anyone surprised? Teh Gay backfired, NatSec is a terrible mess, Bush looks completely out to lunch, libertarians and other economic conservatives are in full rebellion, and evangelicals were made a fool of.

Who's left, other than Coulter's and Reynolds' fans?
10.19.2006 7:10pm
TomHynes (mail):
Tradesports agrees, probability of control is down to 35%.

I consider myself an expert on political trading on Tradesports. I started out with a mere $250 and turned it into an account worth $1.57.
10.19.2006 10:30pm