I have nothing substantive to say

right now, but I just wanted to claim the post-Post post.

Is the VC big on honesty in date stamps (contra Howard Bashman's detailed posts about Supreme Court opinions, right on the dot at 10am on the day they're issued), or is there a possibility that someone may steal the post-Post post spot from you?
10.19.2006 3:18pm
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
There's an option on Powerblogs ominously called "Rewrite History." I've never used this before (though back in the Blogger days, I did use the postdating feature), but I imagine it could do the trick if some very unscrupulous co-conspirator wanted to swipe that spot.
10.19.2006 3:20pm
John Armstrong (mail):
You should have worked in something about the mail service or breakfast cereal companies.
10.19.2006 3:25pm
William Spieler (mail) (www):
ba-doom tisk
10.19.2006 3:25pm
Matty G:
Check me if i'm wrong, but you could have claimed this to be the "post Post-post post", right?
10.19.2006 3:52pm
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
10.19.2006 3:56pm
Jonathan H. Adler (mail) (www):
anonVCfan --

Powerblogs does allow us to write posts and then schedule them to appear later. So, for instance, I could write a post on Friday to appear on Sunday (as I have done with song lyric posts). I've never tried the rewrite history thing, so I don't know how that works, and I think most (if not all) of us indicate when we have made any substantive revisions to an earlier post.

10.19.2006 3:56pm
Backdating will get you in trouble these days.
10.19.2006 3:57pm
Syd (mail):
That's okay. I have nothing substantive to reply.
10.19.2006 4:06pm
Zywicki (mail):
Unless you later decide to remove your post, in which case this would be the "ex post-Post post."
10.19.2006 5:27pm
KeithK (mail):
It's good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't feel like working today!
10.19.2006 5:30pm
Ted Frank (www):
"Ohh, a lesson in not changing history from Mr. I'm-My-Own-Grandfather!" -- Professor Hubert Farnsworth
10.19.2006 5:33pm

That's okay. I have nothing substantive to reply.

Me either, in this post post post post post post post post post post post post post post Post-post post.
10.20.2006 3:52am
Buffalo buffalo, Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.
10.20.2006 11:09am