Law School Podcasts:
The California Western School of Law in San Diego recently started a series of short podcasts on legal developments, Law in 10. As explained in an article in the San Diego Business Journal, a major goal of the podcasts is to appeal to today's college-age students:
David Bowers, Cal Western’s assistant dean for external affairs, said although a handful of other law schools use podcasts for lectures and speaking events, it is one of the first law schools to offer a weekly news commentary.

The college anticipates appealing to a new generation of prospective students who are fully immersed in technology and to "news junkie" legal professionals at the national and international levels.

"Our purpose in launching this effort is to introduce our faculty members to 'Gen iPod,' the 19- to 24-year-old college student with an interest in legal issues," said Bowers. "We believe others will develop an interest as well."
Can any 19- to 24-year-old students who are members of "Gen iPod" comment on whether something like this is indeed appealing? I suspect more schools are going to offer services like this, and it would be interesting to know how receptive the intended audience is.

  Hat tip: JD2B.