Washington on the Connecticut:

Voting on the Dartmouth constitution referendum runs until the end of the month. I haven't posted much on this but have received many emails from both Dartmouth and non-Dartmouth readers who have expressed ongoing interest in the issue. For those interested in what has been going on the past few weeks, here's a quick rundown:

Joe Malchow describes the extraordinary political efforts being expended by those campaigning in favor of the constitution, including repeated telemarketing calls, push-polling, and negative campaigning. Quite interesting.

TJ Rodgers responded to the substance of the negative charges in an op-ed "Intolerance of Difference" and another set of baseless charges in another op-ed.

Peter Robinson recounts the remarkable events surrounding this video posted on You Tube about the debate. And I see that a new video with a similar "Vote No" theme has gone up on You Tube. The new video is especially catchy.

Finally, in a poll of student opinion at Dartmouth, 63% of those students expressing an opinion on the alumni constitution opposed it, and a recent letter signed by 120 undergraduates and recent alumni also expressed opposition to it.

For those who still haven't voted, about 2 weeks remain before the deadline. To answer a common question that I have received--in order for the new constitution to be ratified in will have to receive 2/3 vote. For those still making up your mind, I would urge you to vote "No" and have expressed my reasons why here and here.