Criminal Law Blog Recommendations:
If you're interested in criminal law, and criminal law blogs, consider adding these two blogs to your list of daily reads:
1. Crime and Consequences, run by the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation and featuring lots of interesting stuff from Kent Scheidegger (and the only blog I know of that lists a former United States Attorney General as a co-blogger).

2., hosted by defense attorney John Wesley Hall, Jr., which offers updates and summaries of new cases interpreting the Fourth Amendment in both the federal and state court systems.
Both are very much worth reading if you're a fan of criminal law.
krosenstein: treats this links as coming from a "known spammer" harumph!
10.12.2006 6:03pm
I've sent an e-mail asking that this be corrected. Note that you can still click through in the meantime.
10.12.2006 6:06pm
ruddiger (mail):
Orin, they've yet to make a correction.

And, yes, you can click right through.
10.12.2006 10:06pm