Project Posner:
Tim Wu, a former law clerk for Judge Richard Posner, has put up a new website that allows you to search through all of Judge Posner's judicial opinions: ProjectPosner.Org. You can find a list of the opinions by year here.
It seems like a website with the grand URL of should have more than just judicial opinions. Are there plans to include his articles as well? Either way, very cool.
10.8.2006 6:09pm
I don't think the Internet is big enough for that, Adam.
10.8.2006 6:25pm
I second Adam's comment; cool indeed.

I usually get my fix here, which includes both opinions and oral arguments. However, the search function on the 7th CC web is clumsy and doesn't allow one easily to identify an opinion without having unique case identifiers (e.g., year and case number).

The site you reference incorporates a nifty search tool (HitDig), which can locate opinions without having to use unique case identifiers.

Nice tribute to a judicial titan.

10.8.2006 8:37pm
Project Posner will never be complete until it incorporates this article [PDF].

"What if one of the stupid or criminal or stoical baboons turned out to be his baboon?"
10.9.2006 12:14am
Daryl Herbert (www):
666 F.2d 1116 - United States Of America v. James Anally

Should be McAnally... It's a 1981 case, if you list them all by year.
10.9.2006 1:50am
PGofHSM (mail) (www):
10.9.2006 10:59am
DaveN (mail):

Thanks for the New Yorker link. A fascinating profile on an obviously complex man.

Only in America could the son of a Communist end up being a judge appointed by a conservative and whose son is a securities analyst.

Actually, Posner's family history may itself show why he believes economics actually guide us. While Stalin's death may have been a day of mourning in the Posner household, his father grew moderately wealthy exploiting the poor in the New York slums. Thus, at an early age Posner saw political rhetoric rationally giving way to his parents' economic advancement.
10.9.2006 1:44pm