Table of Contents for my Computer Crime Law Casebook:
I mentioned my new Computer Crime Law casebook yesterday, and thanks to commenter Adam I see that West has posted a .pdf copy of the Table of Contents as well as the Index.

  As the Table of Contents shows, the book divides into three basic parts: 1) substantive crimes, including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, copyright crimes, fraud crimes, obscenity and child porngraphv law, and sentencing issues; 2) the law of collecting digital evidence, including the Fourth Amendment and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act; and 3) jurisdictional and sovereignty questions, including federalism and the role of states vs. the federal government, international computer crime law, and national security law.
Wintermute (mail) (www):
Too late now, but no computer libel stuff?
10.7.2006 8:24pm

I'm not aware of any computer libel prosecutions having been brought. My understanding is that some state statutes punish criminal libel, but cases are very infrequent and often run into 1st Amendment issues. Given that, it's not really a computer crime issue.
10.8.2006 2:27am
question (mail):
Does your book have anything about computer viruses? Thanks!
10.8.2006 10:56pm
About the law of computer viruses, yes. About the viruses themselves, no.
10.8.2006 11:25pm