Computer Crime Law Casebook:
I am happy to announce the publication of my new casebook, Computer Crime Law, which has just been released by Thomson-West. As some readers know, I have been working on this casebook for several years; it's the first book devoted entirely to computer crime law, and my hope is that it will play an important role in the development of the field.

  I'll probably blog a bit about the book and its approach in the future, but for now I just wanted to let folks know that the book is (finally) out.
Caliban Darklock (www):
Cool! It's on my buy list.
10.6.2006 5:52pm
Anti-Kerr (mail):
Congratulations! It's destined to become a bestseller.
10.6.2006 6:26pm
Congratulations! But there is a typo in the Amazon blurb - in the third to last full line, "angaging" instead of "engaging."
10.6.2006 6:49pm
Siona Sthrunch (mail):
Is it best to purchase a law book from the publisher or from Amazon - in this case, should I purchase from Amazon or from Thomson-West?

I have found that Amazon does a poor job generally handling law books. They frequently have extremely long shipping delays; they vend out-of-date editions; and they do not carry at all many kinds of legal texts.

On the other hand, ordering from publishers I have found to be
quite annoying. They often have horrendous websites, which are time-consuming, annoying, and insecure to use. Certainly it's much more convenient and safer to order from Amazon than from Thompson directly.
10.6.2006 8:46pm
Wintermute (mail) (www):
Congratulations, Orin. Happy sales to you.
10.6.2006 9:07pm
Realist Liberal (mail):
Congratulations, hopefully a professor at my school picks up on it and starts a class around it. If not I'll just have to buy it on my own and do my own reading.
10.6.2006 10:54pm
Humble Law Student (mail):
So, free copies to devoted readers?
10.7.2006 12:40am
So what's the MSRP? $200?
10.7.2006 2:03am
Congrats, Orin. You should have linked to the T-W listing of the book, which includes the Table of Contents for those interested in perusing it.
10.7.2006 12:12pm
Michael Eisenberg (mail):
You should make the table of contents viewable on amazon. Does the book mention file sharing and the RIAA, MPAA?
10.9.2006 1:10am