Few Stood Against Many:

Spartan valor as told by Frank Miller on the silver screen. One word: Cool. The trailer, set to a Nine Inch Nails track, is here.

logicnazi (mail) (www):
Awesome, but I didn't see much of the famed warrior-apprentice homosexuality. Saw some hot man-woman sex scenes but cmon how can you do a story about the valor of the spartan army like this and ignore the strong homosexual content of their army. Hopefully there are some hot warrior warrior sex scenes that just didn't make the movie.
10.8.2006 9:08am
Humble Law Student (mail):
Yah, the movie looks great. Doesn't come out till March though...
10.8.2006 10:52am
markm (mail):
HLS, if you're impatient you might check the remainder bins for DVD's of the 1962 movie The 300 Spartans, re-released a few years ago.
10.8.2006 11:51am
Syd (mail):
My money's on the Persians.
10.8.2006 12:16pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
I'll take exception- like "Gladiator", the trailer suggests a cartoonish rendering of the story. I'm not a big fan of music video technique applied to historical films.

"Gangs of New York" was another example.

Historical inaccuracies, such as the armor, etc, pulls the hook out of my mouth.

just my .02
10.8.2006 12:19pm
Steve Lubet (mail):
Must be generational. My wife and I saw the theater trailer last night (we went to see The Departed), and we were both unimpressed. Looked like a video game, with about the same level of emotion.
10.8.2006 12:32pm
The fact the Spartans are depicted without their armor, going into battle bare-chested, suggests low expectations are appropriate.

On a side note, Logicnazi, I am far from an expert on ancient Greece, but my understanding is that the nature of the mentor/mentee relationship in Sparta is at least debatable. Cicero, for one, wrote it was not a physical relationship. Claudius Aelianus wrote any mentor/mentee who engaged in sexual relations either committed suicide or were exiled. In any case, I am not sure what you mean by the Spartans' "famed homosexuality." Perhaps you are confusing the Spartans with the Theban Sacred Band.
10.8.2006 1:10pm
I was underwhelmed as well by the silly depiction of the Spartans. The were Hoplites after all and that stupid serrated arrow head really reduced my enthusiam.
10.8.2006 2:45pm
Mike BUSL07 (mail) (www):
To those (two) of you who criticized the movie's lack of accuracy. You may as well, on the same ground, criticize "Robin Hood," or, frankly, "Star Wars." We are talking about myths here, whether rooted in reality or not. It's a case of an 8 foot tall William Wallace shooting fire from his arse. I'll be more than content with some bizarrely armorless heavy infantry, as long as the photography can get my juices flowing. Oh, and "Sin City" was awesome. I'm just as psyched about this.
10.8.2006 5:23pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
you have a point- I was really disappointed with the lack of accuracy in the Star Wars "Clone Wars" sequences- but then I grew up in Cleveland, and as we all know, the Clone Wars were fought just to the east of there in Painesville in 1958.

We may as well confine our comments to that which we possess some level of expertise; for instance, you mention anal flame throwing.
10.8.2006 6:50pm
Marc in Eugene (mail) (www):
The comments here are as amusing as any trailer could be. Thanks.
10.8.2006 10:45pm
I know next to nothing about the Spartans or their armor or weaponry, but I do know that a preview that features little else besides the lead yelling "WE'RE SPARTANS!" 5 times augurs a silly film.
10.9.2006 12:14am
Fred (mail):
"that stupid serrated arrow head really reduced my enthusiam."

Was that because you thought it was a Spartan arrow or just because they just didn't/don't make arrows like that?

My impression was that it was a Persian arrow.
10.9.2006 1:09am
Well if the Spartans did engage in homosexuality then I guess that means that homosexuality is a choice.

Yes the movie looks like another Troy. But, I do hope they capture the essence of the story.
10.9.2006 1:43am
libertarian soldier (mail):
But Troy was a great movie! Everyone who went to war for glory or greed or pride or love died; the only notable survivors were the coward and the one king who cared more about his people than himself or his family.
And if you complain that it doesn't follow the book, I would reply most (including the LotR) don't, and no one knows what the "true" story is of the Trojan War, or even "Homer's" version of it.
Besides, it was called "Troy", not The Illiad".
10.9.2006 3:17am
JunkYardLawDog (mail):
The above mentioned old 300 Spartans was a really inspiring movie. Inspiring in the sense that it glorified or exemplified enduring values that are common across centuries such as courage, valor, national pride, bravery in the face of overwhelming odds and a predictable fatal final outcome for the small band of hero/warriors.

If this new movie is as good as the old 300 Spartans, it will be good indeed. I also agree that Troy was a very well done film. One of mine and my wife's favorities.

Says the "Dog"
10.9.2006 2:10pm

To those (two) of you who criticized the movie's lack of accuracy. You may as well, on the same ground, criticize "Robin Hood," or, frankly, "Star Wars." We are talking about myths here, whether rooted in reality or not.

Mike this actually did happen, it is not a myth rooted in reality. While some embellishment has occurred the main part of the story is factually accurate. I am talking about the event not the movie.
10.9.2006 4:50pm
Spade (mail):
Actually, it IS a myth rooted in reality. It's so far back in the past with so little real record keeping that now the story is myth, lies, and propaganda with a kernal of truth.

The battle has essentially entered into myth. Been that way for a long time. Might as well make a good story out of it then.
10.9.2006 5:59pm
Well the battle of Thermopylae took place in 481BC and Herodotus wrote the histories around 430BC so it wasn't much after the battle that it was recorded.
10.9.2006 6:20pm
Dan Hamilton:

Actually, it IS a myth rooted in reality

No, there is to much that is known and what is known makes the story. No myth is or needs to be added.

A King makes a deal. Follows through with only his guard. Others Cities troops are there too but they play a supporting roll. The Spartans hold the pass. They refuse to yeald. There are overwellming odds against them. They are betrayed. They die to the last man.

The story has happened many times. The two best know are the Startans and the Alamo. Any myths about the 300 are only arround the edges. They don't effect the story. The myths of Troy, the horse, the Gods intervention, etc are needed for the story. Without them there is no story.

The 300 is simple, no need for myths.
10.9.2006 6:28pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
arrowheads of both parties were made of bronze or iron, and were leaf-shaped with a stem which was set into the arrowshaft- and rather crude.
10.9.2006 9:54pm