We're Not the Judean People's Front's Harvard Law & Policy Review:

dammit! We're the People's Front of Judea's Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy. Wankers.

OK, that's not that close an analogy, but I still couldn't help thinking of it.

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Master Shake:
10.4.2006 3:22am
Not Abner Mikva:
The similiarity is surely only temporary.

Eventually the ACS will realize that Harvard Law School was originally funded in part by slavery profits. A name change will inevitably follow.
10.4.2006 10:52am
The Conspiracy of Volokh:
To be fair, there are good reasons for choosing such names. For more on this, see my two upcoming articles in the Harvard Review of Law (Harv. Rev. L.) and Yale Journal of Law (Yale J.L.).
10.4.2006 11:07am
JosephSlater (mail):
Great reference. What has Harvard ever done for us?
10.4.2006 11:22am
Not Abner Mikva:
If their point is just to react to the JLPP, then they should have just called themselves the Harvard Harvard Journal of Law &Public Policy Review.
10.4.2006 11:33am
Anon Y. Mouse:
Or, perhaps, the Harvard Review of The Harvard Journal of Law &Public Policy.
10.4.2006 11:41am
Alan P (mail):
Just remember to always look on the bright side of life
10.4.2006 11:41am
Dream Double Bill at your local theatres:

Passion of the Christ
Life of Brian
10.4.2006 12:34pm
Badger's Earlobes! Donkey Spleens! Vole Testicles!

I HATE that Ivy-League food!
10.4.2006 12:39pm
You are a mighty one, Mr. Mouse.
10.4.2006 2:31pm
Romanes eunt domus!!!

Oops, ... :-(

Romani ite domum!!!

Ave Caesar.
10.4.2006 8:04pm
"People called Romani, they go the house"? What does THAT mean?!
10.5.2006 11:33am
Bleepless (mail):
I am starting an automobile company. I have not yet decided, but it will be called Forb, Shevrolet or Nissam. My decision will appear in Tiem, Neusweek or the Harverd Journel of Lah and Pablic Palicy.
10.6.2006 1:35pm