How to rise to the top of the SSRN download rankings:

The 16,170 downloads that he got for this paper have enabled the author to rise to the top of the Social Science Research Network's rankings for legal scholars with the most downloads over the last 12 months. When I post my next paper on SSRN, I'm going to have to seriously consider putting some words in the title that can't be repeated on a family-oriented blog such as the VC!

Hovsep Joseph (mail) (www):
That frickin' rocks.
10.3.2006 10:07am
It wouldn't be so galling if the paper wasn't so horrible.

To the credit of the academic journals, I note that it's unpublished. His other three papers on SSRN seem to have download counts more commensurate with his writing ability.
10.3.2006 11:03am
This is what happens when a minor paper gets mentioned on BoingBoing (twice). "A prurient interest is better than no interest at all...."
10.3.2006 11:46am
Per Son:
I think the paper is great. It is a breath of fresh air. Imagine, a scholarly piece can also be fun.
10.3.2006 12:50pm
GSM (www):
I didn't read or download the paper, but I see at Prof. Fairman's faculty page that the piece is forthcoming:


28 Cardozo Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2006).

That's kinda cool.
10.3.2006 7:37pm
Christopher M (mail):
Ah, but Prof. Volokh has emphasized in the past that this is not, in fact, a family blog.
10.4.2006 12:29am
Ted Frank (www):
GSM, I'm impressed that not only is the title of the article unprintable, so apparently is the page number.
10.4.2006 3:22am