Legal Blogs by Topic:

Ian Best (3L Epiphany) provides yet another useful service:

This 60-page directory provides a searchable database for topical categories found on legal blogs. The 'find' (Control-F) function in Microsoft Word can be used to look up various topics within the document. For example:

  • A search for "electronic discovery" leads to the following blogs: CompanyCounselor,, Electronic Discovery and Evidence, Electronic Discovery Law, Gahtan's Technology and Internet Law Blog, Jeff Beard's Lawtech Guru Blog, and Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips.

  • A search for "First Amendment" leads to the following blogs: 43(B)log, Concurring Opinions, Criminal Appeal, FSU College of Law Library Blog, Hounded, Cowed, and Badgered,, LibraryLaw Blog, PrawfsBlawg, Privacy and Security Law Blog, The Technology Liberation Front, and The Trademark Blog.

  • A search for "Iraq" leads to the following blogs: Calblog,, Grotian Moment: The Saddam Hussein Trial Blog, Is That Legal?, Jus in Bello, Southern Appeal, TalkLeft, and Transitional Justice Forum.

Go to the post for a link to the directory.