English Charges Against Anti-Homosexuality Leafletter Dropped:

The Telegraph (UK) reports:

Stephen Green, the national director of Christian Voice, was arrested at the Mardi Gras festival in Cardiff earlier this month after distributing hundreds of leaflets entitled “Same-sex love – Same-sex sex: What does the Bible say?”

Green, 54, pleaded not guilty on Sept 6 to using threatening words or behaviour likely to cause harassment or distress.

Today, at Cardiff magistrates’ court, the Crown Prosecution Service said it would not proceed due to “insufficient evidence.” ...

A CPS spokesman said: “The reviewing lawyer took into account decisions in other cases and whether the contents of the leaflets which were quotes from the Bible could be said to be insulting.” ...

Seems to me that some of the quotes from the Bible (e.g., calling same-sex sex an "abomination" or "vile affections") might indeed "be said to be insulting." Yet leaflets containing insulting ideas are an important part of public debate in a democracy as well as leaflets containing inoffensive ideas.

Thanks to Eric Rassbach for the pointer.

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