SCT Today:
With the new Supreme Court Term set to start next week, I thought I should mention BakerBotts' excellent "SCt Today" e-mail newsletter. The newsletter is a funny and entertaining e-mail written by a Supreme Court litigator summarizing recent developments at the Supreme Court. The one and only John Elwood started the tradition a few years ago, and Mark Stancil picked it up next; the torch has now passed to my friend Aaron Streett, who clerked for Rehnquist when I clerked for Kennedy.

  You can read archives of the series going back to 2000 here, and the most recent e-mail, sent yesterday, here. Some of the newsletters are classic — my favorite is probably this one by John Elwood during the road to Bush v. Gore — and all of them offer an insightful take on Supreme Court developments. Most importantly, you can sign up for free by sending Aaron an e-mail at aaron.streett (at)