Alito's Picks:

Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito predicts the Philadelphia Phillies will secure the National League wild-card slot for the Major League Baseball playoffs, and says that slugger Ryan Howard should be the league MVP.

Alito has a lot of confidence that Philly will come through down the stretch. Based on that, I question whether he is really a Phillies fan.
9.22.2006 6:53pm
JR (mail) (www):
Howard's chances at MVP will depend on whether his team is still playing in October. I predict Pujols will repeat as MVP because he is a more well-rounded player than Howard. Pujols currently has a better on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and batting average. Of course, Howard is having one heck of a season and there will be no injustice if he does win the MVP honors.
9.22.2006 7:02pm
Learned Limb (mail) (www):
I'm just livid about the Senate's refusing to seat every single on of Proesident Bush's picks - for elevation to the bench (and not the one in the dugout).

These servants of God must not be delayed by men who do not understand the higher purpose of our Leader.

Please join me in demanding that every nominee Mr. Bush sends to the Senate be confirmed, immediately!
9.22.2006 7:16pm
BobH (mail):
As wise a man as Justice Alito may be, I have two words for him: 1. Padres. 2. Dodgers.
9.22.2006 8:29pm
Nate F (mail):
Padres maybe, Dodgers no. I'm holding out for the Phillies though. 13 miserable years.
9.23.2006 3:51am
patrickjc (mail):
If he were a true Philly fan, then I can't wait until we are well into the NFL season and the Eagles take a true turn for the worse. This is when even the truest of Eagle fans call for the heads of Donovan, Andy Reid, et al. That is what Philly fans are all about.

I wonder if Alito listens to WIP via the Internet?
9.23.2006 12:36pm
Wonderduck (mail) (www):

Howard's chances at MVP will depend on whether his team is still playing in October.

That'll help, but if he hits sixty home runs, he'll get it.
9.24.2006 11:43am
BobDoyle (mail):
From Alito's lips to God's ears!
9.25.2006 4:50pm