My Name's Cameo Appearance:

Several people have e-mailed to ask about this, and How Appealing posted about it, so I thought I'd briefly note it: "Eugene Volokh" was indeed the name of an (entirely off-screen) security guard character mentioned briefly in this week's season premiere of Boston Legal. Was it a coincidence?, some asked. There are no coincidences! As some gathered, it was a shout-out from a friend of mine who writes for the show, and whom I gave some tips about a legal plot twist. And, yes, I'm available for such consulting to others; I'd actually done it before on several occasions, though this is the first acknowledgment like this that I've gotten.

Daniel Chapman (mail):
As bad as that show gets the law most of the time, I'm honestly surprised they bothered. If you don't mind sharing, what did they ask?

I can't believe I didn't notice... at least I would finally know for sure how your last name is pronounced. I even asked another Conspirator once to no avail!
9.21.2006 2:20pm
matt 93 (mail):
Did you give the suggestion for the veiled reference to the D.C. Cir. Abigail Alliance case?
9.21.2006 2:33pm
I saw that and thought for a minute I had misheard! But no, it was real. Hilarious!
9.21.2006 2:37pm
Mr. X (www):
IIRC, it's pronounced vah-LUKH.
9.21.2006 3:30pm
Revonna LaSchatze:

Security guard named Eugene.
Who woulda thunk it.
9.21.2006 3:37pm
A. Nonni Muss:
There's a character named Shlomo Volokh in a novel called "The Pigskin Rabbi."
9.21.2006 3:41pm
Helen (mail):
Lisa Scottoline, an attorney who writes mystery novels, "sells" naming rights for characters in her books in return for contributions to her favorite charity.
9.21.2006 4:04pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
I also include friends' names in the problems in my First Amendment and Religion Clauses textbooks.
9.21.2006 4:18pm
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
The name is pronounced to rhyme with "frolic."
9.21.2006 6:09pm
lucia (mail) (www):
I noticed and thought it was hilarious!
9.21.2006 11:33pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
similarly, I'm mentioned in one of Kinky Friedman's books in return for my counsel on Racial Political Correctness...
9.22.2006 12:16am
JerryW (mail):
When the name appeared (I know him!!) I knew it couldn't be a coincidence. It was a very pleasant surprise. It may actually be unique in my TV watching experience.

The program was also unusual in that both legal cases came to a libertarian conclusion. Most of the time the result is a case where everyone recommends they settle for $100 but the jury gives them $100 million because some big business corporation has deep pockets.
9.22.2006 2:03pm
NealB (mail):
I noticed that too - had to have TiVo replay it to make sure I heard correctly. Good stuff.
9.23.2006 2:45am
Steven Jens (mail) (www):
Re the pronunciation of Volokh, Sasha pointed out a few years ago that "Dalek" is also a good rhyme. But if you don't know Doctor Who, that just leads to more questions.
9.23.2006 10:02pm
Celia Chapman (mail):
I knew there had to be a connection because they pronounced it correctly. Very cool!
9.24.2006 1:23am