Name of the Day:

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors Member Federal D. Glover. OK, he's actually not a federal officeholder, but it's still pretty cool (and he still has time). Only thing better would be Fœderal.

Eugene -- What do you think of the Ninth Circuit's opinion(s)?
9.20.2006 5:09pm
John Foster (mail) (www):
My favorite is from the NDTex: Hon. Barefoot Sanders. Sounds like a hobbit.
9.20.2006 5:38pm
Syd (mail):
No, the name of the day was one of the people helped by Daniel Post on Boston Legal—someone named Eugene Volokh.
9.21.2006 2:56am
Folderol would be better.
9.21.2006 3:31am