Sunday Song Lyrics:
Celebrating performance (or at least potential) over credentials, Jim Chen invokes Liz Phair -- thus ensuring his candidacy for coolest professor in the legal academy. Chen quoted a line from Phair's "Rock Me" (off her somewhat disappointing self-titled album) -- all potential with no credentials -- to advance a case for more meritocratic assessment of law faculties, and perhaps suggest how schools should evaluate prospective faculty hires at the AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference. Phair's lyrics evince a clear preference for rookie potential over credentials or lateral experience, but she's talking about a "meat market" of a different type.
Oh baby, you're young, but that's ok. What's give or take nine years, anyway?
I'll bet your last cigarette you won't regret my time
I want to be with a guy like you, so uncomplicated, so in tune
Just take off my dress, let's mess with everybody's mind. I've gotta tell you . . .

I want to play Xbox on your floor, say hi to your roommate who's next door
You don't have a dime, but I don't mind. Who gives a damn?
Your record collection don't exist. You don't even know who Liz Phair is.
Pure potential with no credentials ...
Your Mama taught you how to be a sensitive man
I've gotta tell you . . .

You think I'm a genius, think I'm cool
I'm starting to think that young guys rule
Oh God, let me save you, life might change you, and I might change my mind . . .
Although her more recent albums are less powerful than her earlier work, Phair can still pen a powerful song. Lyrics from her last three albums can be found on her site.
U.Va. 2L (mail):
I've gotta say, none of her work beats "Flower" for pure shock and awe.
9.17.2006 12:36pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):

"Oh baby©"
9.17.2006 2:16pm
Jason Fliegel (mail):
I still say her self-titled album is great. I think a lot of people are disappointed that it didn't measure up to their idea of what a Liz Phair album should be, mixed with a healthy dollop of the contrarian music fan's disdain for any act that starts to get mainstream success.
9.17.2006 3:29pm
Christopher M (mail):
Man, if Liz Phair makes someone a candidate for the coolest living law professor, it's kind of a sad thing for the legal academy.
9.17.2006 7:34pm
Jimbo X (mail):
Ditto to Christopher M.

Quoting Liz Phair in 2006 is every bit as pathetic as telling punk rockers in 1981 about your experiences at Woodstock. Plus, what's "all potential with no credentials" supposed to mean (or imply) anyway?
9.17.2006 7:53pm
Just as an aside, "studies have shown" that on average for optimal matching of sex drives, the woman should be 5-14 years older than the male.
9.18.2006 12:53am
For what it's worth, Cass Sunstein is a Liz Phair fan.
9.18.2006 4:26pm