Found Rebus:

Eric Berlin writes:

I know you have at least a passing interest in wordplay and puzzles, so you may be amused by a discovery made by [David Shukan,] one of my co-members in the National Puzzlers' League.

A drop of background: The NPL's monthly newsletter, The Enigma, is filled with puzzles. Some of these are rebuses. In a rebus, you are given a symbol or a series of symbols, and must decode their meaning. For instance, given the symbol


you might arrive at the answer "abalone" — "a b, alone." (You are also given a verse with a word removed, so you can use the context of the verse to help guide you to the answer.)

The discovery made by my colleague is this: Your blog post here can be used as a rebus symbol in the same way as the B above. The answer to this rebus is shown in the very first comment to that post: "Probably judicial immunity from suit is better than the alternative, but man, I can't help wishing for 1983/Bivens liability for such solutionly out-of-line judges."

What is the solution, which both fits the comment and describes my post? No fair peeking.