Montreal School Gunman Identified.--

Some news organizations have identified the gunman who walked into a Montreal school, opened fire, and then turned a school cafeteria into a "shooting gallery." According to reports on CNEWS, he is Canadian-born Kimveer Gill, age 25:

CNEWS: "Kimveer Gill, 25, of Laval poses for a photo posted on the goth website in a long black coat toting a rifle —- a chilling look at the man Sun sources have identified as the gunman who opened fire on students at Montreal's Dawson College yesterday, killing one woman and injuring 19."

CNEWS reports:

A trenchcoat-clad shooter with a scowl and a Mohawk haircut turned a college cafeteria into a combat zone with a commando-style assault that left him and a young woman dead Wednesday.

Carrying an automatic rifle, two other guns, and dressed head to toe in black, the man stormed into the sprawling downtown Dawson College and began coldly cutting down students. Another 19 people were injured while hundreds of screaming and sobbing students spilled out onto the city streets in the shadow of the fabled Montreal Forum hockey arena.

At least eight were listed in critical condition. Police said the woman who was killed was 20.

Inside, the cafeteria was transformed for 15 minutes into a shooting gallery in a scene eerily reminiscent of the city's 1989 Ecole Polytechnique massacre in which 14 women were killed.

The gunman took cover behind a row of vending machines and exchanged gunfire with police while petrified students dropped to the floor in an effort to elude the barrage of bullets.

Surrounded by police, he repeatedly barked a single order each time the officers inched toward him: "Get back! Get back!"

The exchange ended with the attacker slumped on the floor, collapsed in a hail of gunfire.

Police Chief Yvan Delorme confirmed that officers killed the gunman, who was described by provincial police as a 25-year-old from the Montreal region.

Delorme said the attacker sprayed gunfire at random targets. He said provincial police had been called in to investigate, which is customary in a killing involving the local force.

"The only thing I can say is that he was a young man of Canadian origin," Delorme said.

He said police were able to respond quickly because two officers were already at the college on a drug-related matter when they heard gunshots and took action right away. . . .

The gunman stormed into the school over the lunch hour, with a scowl on his face and an automatic weapon in his hands.

"He looked really mad," said Mathieu Dominique, 17, who was having a cigarette by the door when the shooter burst in less than three metres away from him.

"He was really into (the) shooting. . . He looked like he really wanted to kill people. . . . It was like, bullet after bullet. It was like a burst - like at least six shots in two seconds."

Another student, Soher Marous, said the gunman said nothing when he entered the college.

"He had a stone-cold face, there was nothing on his face." Marous said. "He didn't yell out any slogans or anything. He just started opening fire. He was a cold-blooded killer."

The gunman continued firing away as he approached the cafeteria. Andrea Barone was sitting there after lunch with his girlfriend when he heard shots ring out.

"At first I thought it was a firecracker," said Barone, 17. "Then I turned around and I saw him. He was dressed in a black trenchcoat and I saw his hand firing a handgun in every direction."

Barone said all the students hit the floor to take cover.

A police officer emerged within seconds from a corner next to the cafeteria and fired on the gunman, he said. The shot missed. . . .

Delorme dismissed suggestions that race or terrorism played a role.

"There's no information that leads us to believe that it's something other than what happened at the scene."

When I went to the site, I couldn't find a picture of the gunman to confirm CNEWS's attribution, but I did find an ad for a black trenchcoat at the bottom of the main page. I don't know whether this ad inspired Gill to buy a trench coat, or even whether he responded to the ad, but the copy for the coat was interesting:

Tough Guy Leather TrenchCoat

Cool way to stay warm this winter! . . .

The aura of brooding masculinity is easy to achieve with this double-breasted full-length leather trenchcoat.

Speaking the Obvious:
I don't understand. I thought Canada had strict gun control laws to prevent this sort of thing. And it happened in 1989, too? I guess I'll have to rethink things...

9.14.2006 3:32am
logicnazi (mail) (www):
I don't know if this is the case here but the reactions to other similar school shootings have always disturbed me.

Obviously someone who shoots up a school is acting evily and it is important to stop anyone with that intention. However, in the long run our goal should be to minimize the number of people killed in shootings like this and this means addressing the root causes.

It's always been my sucpiscion that these shootings often occur because the students at hand feel persecuted and under attack and lack any other effective way to respond. Sure they don't just kill people who are being mean to them but after long enough they likely start feeling angry and mad at everyone. I know when I was at school some kids were subjected to what amounted to fairly extreme psychological torture. Of course since it always occured unobserved, or consisted of many individual acts each of which wasn't very extreme it was never effectively dealt with by the school nor am I sure it ever could stopped.

Adults, however, have the option to leave situations that are emotionally damaging like this. Perhaps a similar option should be offered to the kids. I don't really know but I kinda feel the reactions to these situations should be more like our reaction to other situations where victims go off the deep end and do something evil, namely condemnation of the act but sympathy for the situation that provoked it and discussions of how to change it.
9.14.2006 3:53am
ras (mail):
Dear Mr. Lindgren,

Based solely on the name and pic that you provided (meaning take the following w/the appropriate grain of salt for now):

This looks like it might be his personal photo gallery, presuming that Kimveer Gill is the correct name. The pic you provided is also included in the gallery..

His email was apparently and his handle at vampirefreaks seems to have been fatality666.

Also see fatality666's profile at the same site.

I doubt these pages will be left up for long.
9.14.2006 4:43am
ras (mail):
Since the pages will probably be taken down, I did my perusing while I could.

He took some of quizzes on vf, which apparently confirmed and/or exacerbated his ongoing anger at the world, that he expected to kill, to die by suicide, and that his was an empty life devoid of purpose.

Here are some samples quotes of what the quiz program told him. They are quite telling:

"WAIT THERE. We're coming to get you now. We've called the guys in white coats to come and get you so don't commit a mass murder before they come or you'll find you'll be in there longer"

"You are longing to kill yourself, you slit your wrists, not for fun, but because the world isn't worth living in."

"You scored as The Undertaker. You are the Lord of Darkness. NOTHING CAN STOP YOU! Why? Because not only are you menacing physically but mentally as well! That's hard to do! Also, the overwhelming respect you get by everyone else adds to your invulnerability! You're engulfed by Darkness no question about it. And if you want, you'll bring unlucky souls WITH YOU!"

"You scored as Black. You're heart is black. You are dead inside, possibly because of your past, you feel you have no emotions left and like you're just waiting to die"

"You scored as Suicide. Your death will be suicide."

"You scored as Murder. You would most likely kill someone, so watch out Mr.anger management."

It appears that there's something of an ongoing game of one-upmanship in the Goth culture to see who can be the most f'd up of all, and that it's encouraged almost as a badge of honor. Play a part and become the part?
9.14.2006 5:17am
o' connuh j.:
He's actually disturbingly normal in the world of goth and extreme metal. (That is, you couldn't tell him apart from the typical bravura displayed by members of this subculture.)
9.14.2006 6:52am
Brooks Lyman (mail):
I suppose that now, we'll get the usual "we have to disarm the law-abiding to prevent such incidents in the future" from the usual suspects. Too bad - better to make sure that the law-abiding are armed so they can quickly respond to the (fortunately rare) incidents of this type, as well as to common assaults, robberies and burglaries. Those of us who cannot afford full-time bodyguards are only too aware of how long it takes the police to respond to most 911 calls: More than long enough to get raped, robbed, maimed or killed....
9.14.2006 10:24am
Houston Lawyer:
I didn't know we had Longhorns fans in Montreal.
9.14.2006 11:10am
ken (mail):
Paging Michael Moore. Michael Moore, please pick up the white courtesy phone.
9.14.2006 1:19pm
Luke 1152 (mail):
Any word on what his weapons were. That looks like a Beretta Storm carbine in the pic (and I thought those were barred in Canada) Maybe it is an airsoft type knockoff.

The media has reported both automatic shotgun and automatic rifle.
9.14.2006 2:20pm
Repling to "Speaking the Obvious"' comment.

The weapon reported to being used by Gill in the shooting is illegal in Canada (like all semi-automatic rifles). Although we do not know, as of now, where Gill got it from, we know it is fairly easy to purchase them from American suppliers. I have in mind a Journal de Montréal journalist, Michel Auger, who managed to order a few assault rifles from different US suppliers and have them delivered although it was illegal by law.

The problem is not the Canadian law in itself, the real problem rather seems to be its application and how easy it is to get such weapons in US and smuggling them up North.

The same problem occurs with handguns.
9.14.2006 2:20pm
Why was he only able to kill 1 person? You'd think that if you walk into a crowded cafeteria with an automatic weapon, you'd be able to kill more people. 1 dead, 19 injured? This kid is no Charles Whitman!
9.14.2006 2:46pm
Clayton E. Cramer (mail) (www):

Why was he only able to kill 1 person? You'd think that if you walk into a crowded cafeteria with an automatic weapon, you'd be able to kill more people. 1 dead, 19 injured? This kid is no Charles Whitman!
1. Charles Whitman had been in the Marine Corps, and was firing from a fixed, defensible position.

2. It sounds like this messed up guy was more interested in suicide by cop than in killing or yes, there would have been a lot more people dead.

At some point, we are going to have start asking why kids are coming out this damaged, this injured, this full of rage--and no one noticed until it was too late.

And yes, the whole Goth subculture isn't just a fashion statement.
9.14.2006 3:43pm
I take my first comment back, the Beretta cx4 Gill used to do his killing was... legitimate and registered. As to why such weapons can be legally purchased and registered triggers more than one question on the efficiency, and the meanings, of the Canadian weapons registry program.

A semi-automatic assault weapon, legal. Why don't we give our children bazookas as we're at it?
9.14.2006 5:37pm
Caliban Darklock:
That's not a mohawk, it's a macaca.

IMO logicnazi has the right idea, as I've similarly said for years: teenagers are expected to act in every way as responsible adults, yet they are not provided the rights and privileges of adults. This is clearly a recipe for disaster. The world is full of otherwise normal adults who can't handle a full work week without at least one visit to a strip club, or can't get through a day without smoking weed, or handily polish off two cases of beer every week. What makes people think that teenagers are somehow more capable of dealing with the new and unfamiliar stresses we put on them?

The choice is simple: either remove the stress or provide the release. A combination approach would probably be effective, but we have to do something.
9.14.2006 6:33pm
fishbane (mail):
I don't know whether this ad inspired Gill to buy a trench coat

Ah yes. Guns don't kill people, trench coats kill people.
9.14.2006 6:49pm
Caliban Darklock:
fishbane, I think the disturbing part here is that visitors to the website are being subjected to targeted advertising for trenchcoats.

It's not in any way illegal or immoral, it's just... wrong. Like going to a site for convicted sex offenders and seeing banner ads for dating services. While the advertisement isn't a necessary component of the undesirable behavior, it is a *desired* component frequently enough to make the ad in bad taste.
9.15.2006 9:44am
Matthew J. Brown (mail):
As a (33 year old) self-identified Goth, I'd take issue with some of those statements. Yes, the subculture isn't just fashion and music; and yes, it attracts (by its nature) some pretty fucked-up young people - but overall, it gives them community, friends, people who understand them, and overall does them a hell of a lot of good. There was some recent study (haven't got the references to hand) which showed that depressed teenagers involved in the gothic subculture had a reduced suicide rate compared to depressed teenagers generally.

Despite the look, Goths are one of the most non-violent groups of young people you might possibly meet. Especially the men, in my experience; if any of them are going to kick your ass, it'll be the girls.
9.15.2006 6:52pm
Lucy (mail):
I agree with matthew brown , here, This guy doesn't just become gothic for being in black. I'm more concerned with the rest of the board being nearly as callous to not cut him down outright. Is this his former college ? People that just choose to be called to action for uncivil things is not a man . he's a shame excuse for a Sapien that obviously has some need to define his masculine side by cruelty. A fitting thing to do is have a ceremony where his citizenship papers are burned and a bird bath statue of his name for people to spit at. Goth culture is social culture... he isn't civil. Sponsoring eugenics randomly is less useful then even suicide. Stupid dolt.
9.15.2006 7:13pm