Law Student Information on Jobs and Clerkships:
A lot of upper-level law students spend a lot of time applying for and then worrying about jobs, and particularly law firm jobs and clerkships. In light of that, I'm happy to plug two sites that have popped up recently to help students share feedback on these processes: The Clerkship Notification Blog, hosted by Yale ISP fellow Katherine McDaniel, and, hosted (I think) by the whiz kids of the XO board.

  As you might guess, the first site is about clerkships, and the second is about summer associate offers. The two sites have a different focus, but they share the same goal of pooling information to make the job process a little bit less mysterious. If you're a 2L or a 3L who has sent in a bunch of applications and is waiting to hear back, you might want to check them out. And if you know of other sites like this that are worth mentioning, please leave a comment in the comment thread.