from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Pretty funny, although it looks like the Chronicle of Higher Education to me.
9.12.2006 1:42pm
Donald Kahn (mail):
Consolation here, as affecting these examples of arrested development: there is no Law School at Amherst College
9.12.2006 1:51pm
Donald Kahn (mail):
Strike "affecting." I meant "pertaining to."
9.12.2006 1:52pm
Donald Kahn (mail):
Or is this crushing a butterfly with a sledgehammer?
9.12.2006 1:53pm
Bryan DB:
Donald, you have misread. "Law, Jurisprudence &Social Thought" is an academic department at Amherst. Thus Douglas' status as a professor of "Law, Jurisprudence &Social Thought," and not as a professor of law.
9.12.2006 2:08pm
Southern in the City:
Amusing, though the very first question is wrong - there were 2 Catholics - Thomas Fitzsimmons and Daniel Carroll, from PA and MD, respectively.
9.12.2006 2:23pm
Donald Kahn (mail):
Joking, of course. I know that he can miseducate his charges just as well in one position as in the other.
9.12.2006 2:23pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
Steve: Thanks, corrected it!
9.12.2006 2:24pm
I particularly liked #6.
9.12.2006 3:31pm
Daniel Chapman (mail):
I also enjoyed #6... but did Lopez specify "automatic" weapons? I thought it was any guns within 1000 feet of a school.
9.12.2006 4:50pm
magoo (mail):
re #6, nor can Congress provide a federal forum for a young woman brutally raped by two Virginia Tech football heroes (see US v. Morrison), despite congressional findings that such violence imposes $5Billion in costs on interstate commerce each year, and despite an amicus brief filed by 36 State AGs showing that state-law remedies are inadequate to address this burden on interstate commerce
9.12.2006 4:59pm
another anonVCfan (mail):
It's entirely irrelevant to the article, but I find it interesting that both authors have last names that are also first names.
9.12.2006 5:18pm
Thorley Winston (mail) (www):
I also enjoyed #6... but did Lopez specify "automatic" weapons? I thought it was any guns within 1000 feet of a school.

You're correct, Lopez was actually charged with bringing a handgun into a school.
9.12.2006 6:03pm
How does Satan differ from "the senator from Massachusetts"?
9.12.2006 7:21pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
9.12.2006 9:05pm
Nonzenze (mail):
Lev - only one of the senators from MA has a red face
9.13.2006 2:28pm
markm (mail):
I see that it's only in court that you object to leading questions.
9.13.2006 2:32pm
eric (mail):
Article One, Section Eight enumerates the explicit powers of Congress. Included is the power to "regulate commerce ... among the several states." That power to regulate interstate commerce authorizes Congress to:

1. Do anything it wants
2. Do virtually nothing
3. Do anything it wants except ban the carrying of handguns with a thousand feet of public schools
4. Tell you how much wheat you shall grow.
5. Tell you how much weed you cannot grow.
6. All of the above
9.14.2006 2:54am