Commemorating 9/11 at Case:

At Case, the Institute for Global Security Law and Policy is sponsoring three events to commemorate September 11. This morning at 9:00am, Institute director Amos Guiora led the campus in a moment of silence and the planting of 3,000 flags on the University quad in memory of the victims of the attacks. At noon, Ohio Homeland Security Deputy Director Richard Rawlins will discuss the impact of September 11 on the state of Ohio in a public lecture in the law school. Then at 4:30pm, the Institute is sponsoring a panel and roundtable discussion on how the events of September 11 have affected various areas of the law. This event is also at the law school. Additional details on the events are here and here.

Tony2 (mail):
I wonder how the attacks of 9/11 will look if we ever have a real war - one in which not thousands die, but millions. Five years on, memorials like this seem a bit precious when one considers the magnitude of what could happen.
9.11.2006 2:13pm
logicnazi (mail) (www):
I'm not totally sure how I feel about these memorials.

On the one hand the deaths on 9/11 were surely horrible and had a psychological impact on the country disproportional to the number of people who died.

On the other hand it seems disrespectful to all those other families whose children, husbands or wives were killed by drunk drivers since then or in any other means to treat the 9/11 victims like their lives were more important or that their deaths were somehow more horrible. Additionally I worry it distorts policy by falsely playing up the level of harm the US sustained.

I'm really not sure what to think about them.
9.11.2006 2:28pm
dick thompson (mail):

Are you for real? We are attacked by a foreign group that has proclaimed that we will either bow down to them or be killed and you are worried about a memorialization of the dead from that as opposed to drunk drivers. Amazing!!
9.12.2006 3:56pm