How Appealing and Volokh Conspiracy Quoted in Senator's Congressional Record Statement:

Beltway Blogroll reports:

Here is an excerpt from Santorum's statement in the Congressional Record:

Howard Bashman, an appellate attorney and editor of the How Appealing legal blog, wrote in The New York Times on August 19 that "[i]t does appear that folks on all sides of the spectrum, both those who support it and those who oppose it, say the decision is not strongly grounded in legal authority."

UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh wrote on his widely read blog: "the judge's opinion ... seems not just ill-reasoned but rhetorically ill-conceived. ... [B]y writing an opinion that was too much feeling and too little careful argument, the judge in this case made it less likely that the legal approach she feels so strongly about will ultimately become law.

I haven't read the rest of the Senator's statement, but I'm pleased that our material seems to be worth quoting.

UPDATE: I was originally informed that this was a floor statement, but it turns out that it was just read in the Congressional Record -- I'll happily take that, but I just thought I'd clarify (and correct the post title accordingly).

The post also provides the following update:

UPDATE: A spokesman for Santorum just confirmed what I suspected -- that the senator just submitted his statement for the Record but did not actually quote blogs from the floor. So while it's not quite the first that I first thought, it's still interesting.
9.8.2006 3:39pm
And once again I ask--when will we commentators get our due?
9.8.2006 3:41pm
eddie (mail):
And you're proud of an endorsement from Mr. Santorum?
9.8.2006 3:47pm
Steve P. (mail):
While it would be better to be quoted by someone with a less, er, divisive history than Mr. Santorum, a Senator is a Senator is a Senator. Even if he won't be next term.
9.8.2006 4:09pm
Gorjus (mail) (www):
Well, and it demonstrates the growing influence this medium has. Previously, Professor Volokh would have had to go to print to get such criticism out into the world--and a law journal would take too long and not everybody is the go-to person for a newspaper's editor. The blawgosphere could react almost immediately to the decision and dissect it accordingly.
9.8.2006 4:18pm

read in the Congressional Record

What higher honor could there be?
9.9.2006 12:08am
Arvin (mail) (www):
I look forward to the day when the only time "Santorum" is mentioned in Congress is when someone is quoting Dan Savage. But I guess it goes to show, even the unintelligent can quote the super intelligent.
9.9.2006 12:24am
Walk It:

Something to tell your grandchildren about...
... or not.
9.9.2006 12:21pm