Moore, Circuit Judge:
Congratulations are in order for the newest (and youngest) federal circuit judge: GMU lawprof Kimberly Moore has been confirmed to a seat on the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit by a vote of 92-0. Kimberly, er, Judge Moore is going to be terrific; although I'll miss the constant flow of very interesting articles she generated as a full-time professor, I'm very glad to see that the Senate acted on her nomination. (Hat tip: How Appealing)
Outside the Robes (mail):
Youngest currently serving, not youngest ever appointed (which I believe Kozinski still holds with his appointment to the 9th when he was 35).

[OK Comments: No, the youngest circuit court judge was Taft, appointed at 34. Stats here.]
9.6.2006 6:51am
I sense Orin is beginning a "judicial hottie" campaign for Judge Moore.
9.6.2006 10:05am
IB Bill (mail) (www):
Um, not to be snarky, Orin ... but the Federal Circuit? I mean, yes, congrats to your friend and colleague on being confirmed to the Federal Bench.

But the Federal Circuit?

I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Anyone who wants the job should be confirmed immediately and declared a national hero. Talk about taking one for the team.

Of course, someone has to judge patent cases. Oh excuse me, even worse, patent appeals. Just the warrior-spirit required to keep awake during the briefs would make Thor hold his manhood cheap and change the subject.

Not to mention oral arguments. "AT&T v. Microsoft, today we discuss an appeal of the odd numbered definitions between Definition 34 and 299 ruled upon by the district court." Just to break things up, in between the utter excitement of patent cases, she gets to judge the appeals of postal workers complaining about their supervisors.

God bless her and send her a pound of expresso once a week. At the end of her life, send a chorus of 1,000 actuaries to sing her praises :)

The federal circuit!
9.6.2006 11:53am
Isaac (www):
I wonder how many United States Court of Appeals judges have advanced Engineering degrees from MIT.
9.6.2006 12:26pm
IB Bill,

Given that Judge Moore is a specialist in patent litigation, I think it is less a matter of heroism, and more a matter of different strokes for different folks.


A quick search of the site came up with exactly none, although apparently Judge Ronald Lee Gilman of the Sixth Circuit has a B.S. from MIT (major unknown).
9.6.2006 12:36pm
IB Bill (mail) (www):
I'm sure it's a labor of love for her, Medis.
9.6.2006 1:58pm
The NJ Annuitant (mail):
And let's not forget that the Court of Federal Claims goes up to the Federal Circuit. That means a large number of tax refund cases.
9.6.2006 2:14pm
Armen (mail) (www):
Doesn't she become a judge only after the Commission is signed by the President? Bashman said the same thing as OK and it struck me as a bit odd. Also, Bashman bashed the Fed Circuit in his Fantasy Circuit Court Draft post.
9.6.2006 2:24pm
Howard Bashman (mail) (www):
No bashing of the Federal Circuit is contained in my so-called "Fantasy Circuit Court Draft" post. Perhaps Armen meant to refer to my so-called "Let's Pretend All Federal Appellate Courts are Equal" post.
9.6.2006 4:07pm
elChato (mail):
I sense Orin is beginning a "judicial hottie" campaign for Judge Moore.

Well why not, and besides it is consistent with her student days: In college, she was probably the only girl a lot of engineering students ever spoke to . . .
9.6.2006 4:47pm
If we're getting all personal about the fair judge's interests, let's throw in the fact that she's married to a patent lawyer who went several rounds with the world's wealthiest living troll.
9.6.2006 6:27pm
elChato (mail):
Aultimer: who are you speaking of?
9.6.2006 7:40pm

Where were the gridlocking Democrats to deny this candidate a straight up or down vote with their filibuster threats? Why have they allowed safe passage for Judge Moore when they have held up so many other emminently-qualified candidates? Could it be they were stymied by her gender or looks (or combination thereof)? Or perhaps the President nominated someone qualified and nonpartisan? Or perhaps nobody cares about the Federal Cricuit...
9.7.2006 12:39am
WxWax (mail):
Leave it to "Bashman" to come up with the perfect comeback.
9.7.2006 3:42pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
OT, when do we get a brilliant expert in federal criminal procedure, perhaps with the initials "O.K.", to explain to us what evidence, if any, obtained via torture or "coercion," would be admissible against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in federal court? in a military tribunal?

And whether KSM would still be amenable to prosecution using untainted evidence?
9.7.2006 6:57pm
Is she a cooker or a looker?
9.8.2006 12:10am