Crystal Morning:

Evan Coyne Maloney has produced a remarkable seven-minute documentary about the tragic and horrible events of September 11, 2001, "Crystal Morning." In addition to the film footage, the documentary relies on publicly-released tapes of actual emergency radio traffic from that morning.

It is an extremely moving film and some of the radio clips are almost too unbearably sad to hear.

David Malmstrom (mail):
Wow, there isn't much to say... usually these shock videos have a positive soundtrack of sorts, something patriotic perhaps - audio clips alone leave me confused on some level.
9.5.2006 10:16pm
Donald Douglas (www):
Very moving. Thanks!
9.5.2006 10:26pm
A.G. (mail):
Thank you.
9.5.2006 11:08pm
Allen Asch (mail) (www):
FYI, I saw a different kind of Sept 11th retrospective from the AP on YouTube at: Students remember Bush's 'My Pet Goat' visit on 9/11
9.6.2006 2:00am