LASIK Surgery:

Just had LASIK surgery this morning at the Maloney Vision Institute; the full results won't be evident for months, but so far, so good. My right eye, which used to be nearsighted and astigmatic, now seems to see perfectly. My left eye, which has been wildly nearsighted as long as I remember it, and was 20/800 yesterday, now seems very good, though I'm not sure that it's quite 20/20 (the doctor had warned me that I might need a touch-up operation for that eye, which would be part of the total package I bought).

I hope that things continue uneventfully, but if they do, I'll consider it a sound (though expensive, $2800 per eye plus a $200 consultation) investment — no more vision trouble from my astigmatism lens swimming around in the eye, fewer infections than with lenses, less of the occasional discomfort that contact lenses tended to cause, less risk of trouble in emergency situations where my contacts might be lost or damaged, and the like. (I can't successfully wear glasses for the long term because my prescriptions were so different, so contacts or surgery was my main option.)

I promise I won't turn into the sort of person who talks incessantly about his ailments, surgeries, bowel movements, and the like — but I just thought that this is an interesting enough surgery, and one that could help enough people, that it was worth mentioning it. Likewise, I generally don't comment on the amount of money I spend for my various purchases, whether of good or services; but here the data point seemed especially relevant for those who might be considering the operation themselves. (I am told that Dr. Maloney's rate is on the high end, but it probably gives you some sense of the likely ballpark for well-regarded LASIK surgeons in expensive areas like L.A.)