Doubled Letters:

In English, of course, many words contain the same letter in two consecutive positions, as in beer or asset. But while some doubled letters are common, others are rarer. Can you identify words that contain a doubled a, h, i, j, k, q, u, w, x, and y? If you can't find them all, list one word each for as many of these letters as you can. Here are the rules; please read them and adhere to them carefully:

  1. You may not do wildcard searches through dictionaries or other reference sources, or consult any preexisting lists that are tailored to this particular question.

  2. Major English dictionaries that include the words must list them entirely in lowercase, with no periods. (This is a good way of filtering out proper nouns and initialisms that still maintain a chief identity as initial.)

  3. The doubled letters may not have a mark (such as a hyphen or an apostrophe) between them. That some odd ducks may write one of the letters with a dieresis above it doesn't matter.

Please post your answers in the comments.