Is Nasrallah Dead?:

Last night (Israel time), the IAF dropped 23 tons of bombs on a bunker thought to be hiding Party of God (Hezbollah) leader Nasrallah and other top Party of God terrorists. The bunker was completely destroyed, Party of God's t.v. station claims that neither Nasrallah nor any other top leader (or even member) was killed, and that Israel actually hit a mosque under construction.

It's now 5:00 10:30 pm Lebanon time, and Nasrallah has yet to appear in public to prove that he's still among the living. Contrast this with last week, when rumors of his demise led Nasrallah to appear on Party of God t.v. within hours. And the "mosque" cover story doesn't lend much credibility to Party of God denials.

We shall see.

UPDATE: He's alive. Guess Hell will be one man short for a while.