"The Party of God":

A question from a reader prompts the following rhetorical question: how much of the sympathy that Hezbollah is receiving from the far Left would dissipate if the media referred to "Hezbollah" by its English translation "Party of God," the way it refers to Israel's "Mafdal" party as the "National Religious Party?" The fact that the United States, United Kingdom the Netherlands, Australia and Canada have designated Hezbollah a terrorist organization of course doesn't sway the far left, but could people who literally cringe at the very mention of Ralph Reed or Jerry Falwell really engage in enough cognitivie dissonance to publicly support violence on behalf of the theocratic goals of the Lebanese Party of God?

While we're at it, why not call Hamas (an acronym) by its proper English name, the "Islamic Resistance Movement"? From now on, I'm blogging them as The Party of God (Hezbollah) and The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).