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Today's Times Crossword:

I wrote today's NY Times crossword puzzle, which will be of particular interest to some of you who tend to prefer a certain type of my puzzles on here. I'll leave it at that, lest I give too much away...

VC lurker:
Great crossword, Kevan. I always feel so "in the know" when I see your name come up as the author. This one was a particularly good one... clues I didn't get from first glance, but easy enough to figure out without pounding my brain on the desk multiple times.

What a nice way to start a Tuesday.
7.18.2006 11:52am
Paul Gowder (mail):
Oh god, is it all probability theory? :-)
7.18.2006 1:03pm
Gabriel Malor (mail):
Kevan, thanks for the heads-up. I don't usually get the Times, but I'm more than happy to steal the crossword from the lobby paper.
7.18.2006 1:41pm
William Shamner:
As someone who doesn't get the Times, please fill me in on the theme of the puzzle: is it "People Who Have Never Been In my Kitchen"?
7.18.2006 1:43pm
Ron Hardin (mail) (www):
In 1993, Imus asked on the air one day, ``What four letter word beginning and ending with `d' describes Will Weng?''

A bit of news he brought up one morning.
7.18.2006 5:57pm