Russian music bleg:

On my recent post on Russian chanson, commenter M writes: "And it's terrible- even worse than generic Russian pop, which in turn is worse than generic American pop. (There are many very good Russian musicians and bands, but this stuff is just amazingly awful.)"

I'm going to Moscow in a couple of weeks. In light of the dual observation in commenter M's parenthetical, what music should I get? Like Eugene, I like Okudzhava very much (see, e.g., Eugene's posts here, here, here, and here). Vysotsky is not bad, but I find him somewhat hard to understand (in a literal sense). While I was in St. Petersburg last year, a store clerk recommended Yuri Vizbor, which was a good choice. I also enjoy Alexander Vertinsky, as well as the Russian romansy.

What else should I try? You don't have to recommend "bards"; Russian pop or rock might also be acceptable, but this is iffier, given what I understand of Russian pop music standards.

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