Speaking of Neologisms and the OED:

Which American President is listed in the OED as the first cited author for over 100 words, including such beauties as "doll-baby"(!), "sanction," "electioneer," "vomit-grass," "public relations," "Mason-Dixon," "obiter dictum," "post-note," and, best of all, the self-referential "neologize"? Answer is below.


jimbino (mail):
I think it more fun to name the last president who was fluent in both English and a foreign language and which one was probably the first to be circumcised.
7.12.2006 6:15pm
Shelby (mail):

I don't know about the second part of your question, but George W. Bush clearly did not learn English as his first language. Based on his father's similar difficulties with the language, I think there's some sort of family tongue that's exclusively used at home.
7.12.2006 6:34pm
jimbino (mail):
Yeah, I put in the English requirement to exclude GWB, who reportedly speaks some Spanish.
7.12.2006 6:35pm
zevatron (mail):
Well, supposedly G.W. Bush speaks Spanish but I don't think it's with any fluency. My guess would be F.D.R.

First circumcised president (in all likelihood)? I would guess J.F.K.
7.12.2006 6:38pm
PaulV (mail):
Bush is fluent in Texican and never said he was a jelly donut in German. What did Carter's translater say in Polish? "I lust after you"?
7.12.2006 6:38pm
jimbino (mail):
I don't think it was JFK, who called himself a jellyroll in German at the Berlin Wall. His wife was fluent in French, but First Ladies don't count.

And come to think of it, maybe it was circumcision that affected a major part of GWB's brain.
7.12.2006 6:40pm
jimbino (mail):
Jimmy Carter is pretty smart and ended up speaking pretty good English after the speech lessons. He cheated on "nucular," however. To my ears, at least, it sounded like he was saying "nuklr."
7.12.2006 6:45pm
PaulV (mail):
Jimbino. Berliner is a jellyroll. as in "Ich bin ein jellyroll"
7.12.2006 7:12pm
jimbino (mail):
PaulV. Apparently, "Ich bin ein Berliner" is acceptable German, but his next statement, "I appreciate my interpreter translating my German," is not acceptable English!
7.12.2006 7:48pm
Christopher M (mail):
Is the "sanction" for which Jefferson's the first cited author a specific meaning of the word? Or its use as a verb? Surely the noun "sanction" is a lot older than Jefferson.
7.12.2006 10:35pm
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7.12.2006 11:30pm
Dirty Thirty-First:
Actually, "belittle" as well.
7.12.2006 11:35pm