The Long Dark Night of Sashalessness Is Over:

I'm very happy to report that my brother Sasha, who has finished his clerkship for Justice Samuel Alito, and who will be a Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgetown University Law Center for the coming two years, is rejoining this blog. Longstanding readers of the blog know that it was originally the Volokh Brothers blog, and that Sasha continued as a coblogger after we became the Volokh Conspiracy. Now that his government service is done, he's back, and I'm just delighted.

Amber (www):
7.7.2006 3:42pm
Gil Milbauer (mail) (www):
7.7.2006 3:59pm
M. Lederman (mail):
Hey, Sasha -- welcome to the fold. Don't forget to pay us a visit over here, and learn the virtues of cross-blogging!
7.7.2006 4:56pm
Marie Gryphon (mail):
Lovely to have you back, Sasha!
7.7.2006 5:01pm
GMUSL Rising 3L (mail):
What, Mason wouldn't be enough of a challenge for a Volokh? At least Sasha can have lunch with the Missus every day.
7.7.2006 5:05pm
Welcome back, Sasha!
7.7.2006 6:25pm
Ilya Somin:
Welcome back, and congrats on the Georgetown job! This is certainly an important step forward in the ongoing Russian conspiracy to take over the legal academy:).
7.7.2006 7:15pm
What exactly does "Visiting Assistant Professor" mean for someone who's just beginning teaching? Where is Sasha "visiting" from?
7.8.2006 12:51am
Rex, I've got a VAP too, and I get that question all the time. The answer I like to give is, "I'm the Visitor From Nowhere," which reminds me of the Man With No Name.
7.8.2006 11:43am
Steven Jens (mail) (www):
I hoped this was coming soon. Good to see you return, Sasha.
7.8.2006 8:29pm

The "visiting" part means visiting at the school, not visiting from somewhere else. A VAP position usually is a one-year or two-year non-tenure-track job for a new professor, sort of a way to hang out and get experience and get to know people. At some schools, VAP jobs often lead to the tenure track; at others, they don't.
7.8.2006 8:56pm
hjgu (mail):
7.9.2006 9:51pm