Gay Cave Jews:

That's the Google search that, according to Sitemeter, brought a reader to the Volokh Conspiracy. I'm now intensely curious as to what this individual was searching for.

dawnsblood (mail):
I'm sorry Professor Bernstein, I just can't stop laughing. Please enlighten us if you find it out.
7.5.2006 8:41pm
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
The search leads to this posting, which contains all three words. In fact, you're in 6th place. Doubtless an indication that not many are seeking to contact gay jewish cro-magnons. Or at least not over the internet. In my experience, cro-magnons and neanderthals are rarely internet savvy.

This does not, unfortunately, give a clue as to the purpose of the search. Speculation: might the search be for gay jews in a place name that includes cave (E.g., Cave Creek, AZ, where my great grandaddy holed up after shooting a man in Colorado, and wound up the town Justice of the Peace)?
7.5.2006 8:54pm
Pendulum (mail):
More funny search strings, please!
7.5.2006 8:56pm
Karl (www):
We've received some great ones at my web page (linked above).

My favorite thus far is "pirate king hentai," though we've had all sorts of hentai-related search terms because we dared to mention the word once (for those of you who were lucky enough not to know by now, hentai is Japanese animated pornography, commonly involving tentacles).

Other hits include "3 way part1 hentai," "divine hentai," and "ninja hentai listing." I really don't know what to make some of these.
7.5.2006 9:06pm
Kevin L. Connors (mail) (www):
Dave Hardy: "In my experience, cro-magnons and neanderthals are rarely internet savvy."

Well, there are those guys from the GEICO commercials...
7.5.2006 9:33pm
Hei Lun Chan (mail) (www):
Maybe those gay Jews have to live in a cave because they can't afford to pay the high housing prices?
7.5.2006 10:02pm
Richard Gould-Saltman (mail):
I suspect that the search may have yielded the connection through one nasty little anti-semitic and racist site, "Badlands", see, e.g Badlands .

If I wuz you, Doc, I'd sue him for even mentioning your name.

Still gotta wonder what the original searcher was searching for, though.
7.5.2006 10:14pm
There was a famous - and controversial - speech a few years back by Norman Lamm or some other modern orthodox jewish leader who contrasted suave, sophisticated, modern orthodoxy with knuckle-dragging, chareidi "cave jews". There are circles where chareidim are thus sometimes called "cave jews".
7.5.2006 10:29pm
See, e.g.,
7.5.2006 10:31pm
Da Da Da:
The logs for one of my sites last month showed a hit following a search for, I kid you not, "do philipinos eat black dogs or consider them a delicacy".

I can only hope we were able to help this individual.
7.5.2006 11:08pm
Bleepless (mail):
This sounds close to googlewhacking, a pastime for the Internet. You invent a strange two-word term and run it through Google. If you get just one return, you win. You then post it on one of the googlewhacking sites so that anyone else trying it will get two returns. Good hunting!
7.5.2006 11:37pm
VFB (mail):

I think I am around enough modern orthodox Jews to dispute your assertion that “There are circles where chareidim are thus sometimes called "cave jews".” I’ve never heard that expression once, other than in the Norman Lamm speech.

The speech itself was only controversial because it was taken out of context and misrepresented, possibly intentionally. If you read the transcript of Lamm’s speech, you would see that the phrase “cave Jews” was not meant to connote that charedim are primitive cavemen, but rather that they are isolated from mainstream society. The charedim will not deny that they are isolated, it’s a part of their belief system that they should separate from the outside world. Thus, there was no reason for them to get upset about it.
7.6.2006 12:21am
cxmmc (mail):
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7.6.2006 12:40am
Public_Defender (mail):
It was probably just a reader trying to locate an old post based on terms he remembered from the post.
7.6.2006 9:37am
Anderson (mail) (www):
David Bernstein?
7.6.2006 1:33pm
Shlomo Hoist-Petardberg:
You mean this ISN'T the site for gay cave jews, and I've been coming here all these years, searching through the posts in vain, fruitlessly using my decoder ring, all due to a tragic mistake?
7.6.2006 3:51pm
Chris Gwinn (mail): is still available and could easily be pointed at I'm just saying....
7.6.2006 6:09pm
Richard Gould-Saltman (mail):
Aha! "Cave jews" is apparently a SOUTH PARK reference, from episode 3.09, if fan sites are to be believed:

No, no, you're very special, Kenny. It's just that… well, Jewbilee is… for Jewish kids. [Kyle and Kenny have blank stares]
Gerald: You see boys, Jew Scouts is a special group that borrows a little bit from all different Jewish denominations. From the Orthodox Jews, from the Hasidic Jews, from the Northern Italy Cave Jews… But you have to believe the basic tenets of Judaism to be a Scout.
Kyle: Kenny'll believe whatever you want him to.
7.7.2006 2:28pm
Public_Defender (mail):

Aha! "Cave jews" is apparently a SOUTH PARK reference, from episode 3.09, if fan sites are to be believed:

You certainly do learn some interesting things on this blog.
7.7.2006 4:17pm