Mad Bad Vlad Zhirinovksy Reconnects With His Jewish Roots,

claims to have abandoned anti-Semitism, brags about his Jewishness.

No, really. (The bragging part is in the second-to-last paragraph here.) Thanks to Mark in Mexico for the pointer.

Mike BUSL07 (mail) (www):
The remarkable thing about all of this is that a patently deranged individual, acting on some incomprehensible combination of his own impulse and opinion polls, has been able to command the support of a sizeable part of Russia's population. Then again, Russians also have a Beer Party, and Lemonov; the gluttons that they are for punishment, it's mind-boggling.
7.5.2006 11:26am
Frank Drackmann (mail):
Don't be so smug, a patently deranged individual who acts on his own incomprehensible combination of his impulses and opinion poles lurks in our own nation. He commands the support of a sizeable part of Massachussets population. Actually, theres 2 individuals who meet the description. I sort of like the idea of a Beer party though.
7.5.2006 12:11pm
AppSocRes (mail):
I think "crazy like a fox" might be the best description of Zhirinovsky. He is catering to the mass of Russian public opinion. A friend who is fluent in Russian has informed me that the widespread crudeness of political discourse in the Soviet Union and the current Russian Union would be repellent to anyone raised in a western liberal democracy, even allowing for partisan excess in these countries. I suspect that this is another legacy of Bolshevism: Russian politicians feel compelled to prove their prole/peasant roots by vulgarity.
7.5.2006 12:13pm
alkali (mail) (www):
"Mad Bad Vlad"? What are you, some sort of anti-Semite, picking on an nice Jewish boy that way?

(I kid, I kid.)
7.5.2006 12:59pm
The Original TS (mail):
Since when do grandparents get to name their grandchildren?
7.5.2006 1:08pm
Jared K.:
Grandparents "with Jewish intelligence, a Russian heart, German precision, an American entrepreneurial spirit and Asian fanaticism" get to do whatever they want.
7.5.2006 2:19pm
MDJD2B (mail):
Since when do grandparents get to name their grandchildren?

Since time immemorial, in societies in which the partonymic is part of a person's name. This is traditional in Judaism and it also is common in Arab societies for people to use patronymics. Also, of course, in Russia and Ukraine.
7.5.2006 6:02pm
Christopher Cooke (mail):
I can never decide if he is a nut, or just very clever at catering to Russian public opinion. Maybe he is both.
7.5.2006 6:04pm
Wasn't Hitler accused of having Jewish blood......
7.5.2006 8:01pm
elChato (mail):
this would be touching were it almost anybody else.
7.5.2006 9:11pm